Friday, May 8, 2015

 I am blogging this because I think that i'm good and i done a great work.

We were learning to add more detail

candy Land
I turn around and in front of my eyes is the most amazing scene . I scream reallyreally  loud. “This is an amazing thing, that could ever happen in my life.”Oh my gosh look at all the candy around me.That candy looks so yummy, that I could just go and eat it up with excitement. I wonder what  the people will look like when they look at me. I guess that the mountains are made out of ice cream or is it just cream? But none know’s about, candy land . Hmm, if my sister was here, she would ask me to have some candy,of course.
YUM YUM YUM!!!    


week 8 post camp

Camp Omatua  is amazing because  you can see the mudslide shimmering in the sunlight over the pretty lumps of stone and dirt.At camp Omatua we  got to cook  aw one food .You can also grease  the trays  we dressed up James and he looked good .