Saturday, July 29, 2017

about me blog post

Hi and welcome back to my blog you now how I said I have a dog called Watercress and this I her  dog  so if you don't now what I was talking about it is on my blog and it is called about me . Just to say the name of my dog was from a story but not aloud story 

story time
so one day when me kaya nanny and my Gran dad   and me were going to the market and we were going the get some watercress for some bolat that we were going to have for dinner and than well we were looking  around or watercress we came across some cute dog and than when me and kaya saw them  we ran to Gran dad and nanny and asked them an than they said OK and than they went half on the dog . that is all 

Here is a photo of Watercress  

He is half fox-terrier and the other half is a mystery.   

waka writing

w aka writing
on my waka Art I have some Koru  .The Kory represent my family the people by the one star it  represent my sister Jaime lee the red Kory  represent my mum Laura the brown on represent my Dad and the pink one represent my step Mum Lisa the Gray one represent my sister Jayne G The pink  Koty represent my sophie my baby sister the big the green one is my big bother the little people one is my baby Brother. 

on my waka art I have my M,S,and L

PE/Athletics reflection

PE/Athletics reflection        
Choose 5 questions to answer with ADDED DETAIL and GOOD THINKING. Delete the questions you have not answered.

My favourite athletics to practice was high jump because I am good at it and I like that they pot the rack up higher and higher .

My favourite athletics was High jump because it is fun and I got in the finals and i won high jump
I would like to spend more time on long jump  because I like long jump and because I wanted to see if I could beat my high score.
I  found Shot put challenging because I didn't know how to do it or i didn't now what to do . but I tried and I did it

Here are some photos demonstrating skills.





blog post

PBL blog post 

hope you enjoy 

Project Topic: valerie adams
Photo/Screenshot of Project (insert below)

Finish these starters:
  • Something I enjoyed about my project was...           because...I got to learn more about and I got to write about because I like writing

  • The most challenging thing about my project was...                because… finding staff to tip up on google search because i didn't know how to get the good detail

  • The main skill I got better at was... search up                        I got better at it by...looking sanding it out and thinking all about the world I am going to put more detail

  • Something interesting I learnt was...    Valerie adams has 17 sidling and her mum died when she was little                      

  • What I would most like to change about my project is... changing my poster into a slide show           because… it will be more faster and cooler

  • I would like to do my next PBL about… My 2 little cats

Choose three learning muscles and explain how you used them during your PBL.
I think that I used them good . I put my herd down and my bum up So was obsession in my learning helps.

So first I planned it on a piece of paper and I worked out where I was going to put my photo and writing

Learning buddy
Learning buddy are good to have by your side when you are stuck on something

My blog post


  • Netball has the most player than all of them
  • There are less boys playing hockey than girls
  • There are 11 player playing in nz

    • New Zealand has the less than all of than
    • Usa has the most
    • Australia is the second most contre

Learning blog post

Hi my name is Monica and I went to a robotics day. At robotics we made some Lego. We made a car it looked like it and me and Alize got up to level 17. We needed an I pad that has robotic program on it. It has levels that is on the i pad that shows you how to build it. 

HERE is Ethan doing robotic 

So if you feel like doing robotic then come and do it.

blog post

 Self-Reflection questions for reports

Please answer 6 of these questions in as much detail as possible. Be careful of your writing as this will go on your report. Delete the other questions.

  1. What has been your highlight of the year so far?
  2. What is your favourite thing about being in Rimu hub?SSR and basic farts
  3. What do you think about being able to choose your own workshops?
  4. What license do you think you are on and why? I think that
  5. What are you like as a learning buddy? Nice, helpful,friendly .I help my learning dabby a lot so I am nice to my learning task
  6. Which learning muscles have you strengthened this year? How do you know?
  7. Which learning muscles do you think you need to work on and why?
  8. Explain a time that you were in the learning pit this year. How did you get out of it?
  9. Is there a time that you have shown leadership in Rimu hub? Explain it. Yes I have been listening to the teacher and
  10. What are you most proud of in Rimu hub this year?
  11. What is your favourite subject and why?
  12. What are you like as a learner?
  13. What learning muscle have you been focussed on this year?
  14. What have you learnt so far?
  15. What was your favourite learning task so far and why?matariki task because matariki day
  16. What is your biggest achievement this year and why?
  17. Explain what you like about the learning environment?
  18. What is like to choose your own learning?
  19. What is a goal that you have set this year and how are you going with this?
  20. What is it like so far in Rimu Hub?
  21. What do you do when something is challenging or tricky?
  22. Are you following the device agreement? Explain? Yes I am I following it codemand i am not bracien it I learnt my lesson
  23. What is your learning buddy like?
  24. What is your favourite learning space and why?

netball skills

Netball skills
Shooting a goal
So how you shot a goal is you your need you niece bent and you need you  hands behind your back.  When you have dame that you need to make show your hand  flick the goal because that is most important thing you need to do. This is a video to show how to do .

Chest pass
How to do a chest pass .  chest pass is simple all you need to do is pot the ball by your chest and then posh really hard so it hits the wall and comes back and so if you want to  o i like this one aloud .

Long pass
Long pass is just like the same as chess pass but you just don't posh that hard or also you will be doing the chess this is so so fun when you.

High pass
How to do height past. high pass pretty skimpily achingly really sim pill.

Bounce pass
how to do Bounce pass is you need to pot your hands on your chest and then posh it down to the flow that means after you have done that it shod come start back.

By Monica

Leaning blog post

Workshop Prove It

Here is an example: that perfume smelt like flowers
When you us a simile you have to use the words like and as  here is an exampleI  

this is a cool bog post

blog post week 1

 Hi guys I am going to tell you about the Zootopia movie. In the holidays me, my sister and my step mum went to the movies and watched ZOOTOPIA and it was a good movie.


I will tell you more about Zootopia underneath 

Zootopia is a funny movie to watch. It's about sad things and skewer things so it mosey sands like the the move inside out.  But in most of them it mack you light .  The bit I liked the most was the end . The things that I don't rely like was when it sheep said you the bit when the lam said I'm not friends with you any more .  At the end of the move there was a famines person that was singing and well she was singing I was dancing . 

This is the frames sing that was sing on the stag or x factor 

This is gizel she is so pretty and amazing cool I now that is not a word but I just say It because she is pretty.


 this is so so so so cool This is my first time having a bag that is for a pleas I cant believe that I got the uniform as well. Wow  Wow look I have a pleas bag this so cool for me maybe for you but more for me .  

Blog post 3

Hi my name is Monica and I have 2 little kittens and one is a boy that is called tiger.It is celled tiger because it looks like a tiger and because it has skips on its back .We also have a girl cat and her name is Winnie she is celled Winny because my sister oust to have a cat named Winnie but then a bog came over a and bit her so that was how the story goes  that is way. before the cats got her we filled up with cat food so when your are hangre

they look like this

   This is the boy cat celled tiger 

And this the geal cat celled kitten because I bon'tno haw to spell your name  

They have heaps of staff to play and thay are Just for little cat .


I am blogging this because...I think I did a good job

We were learning to...about lorde and what she is and what she does. We were also learning to write to inform the reader

Lorde Report

My writing goal: is to pot more detail in my writing .

Who is she?
Ella Yelich-O’connor is her rail name and lorde is her stage name.  Lorde has 2 sisters and on Brother. Her sisters are Jerry and India and her brother’s name is Angelo.  Lorde was born in november the 7th . She has a luxuriously deep voice when she sings . Lorde has unwavering blue eye, she is a songwriter, her she has a messy mop.

Early life
Lorde joined a drama group and begin to fall in love with public speaking. There was no book that Lorde isn't aloud to read. She loves reading books and Lorde was raised in Devonport, Auckland. Royals written was in a week during the school holidays.

Rise to fame
Lorde’s name came from her love of royalty. She is a songwriter who writes her own songs and music. Royals was witter in a week during the school holidays.

International Fame (awards, achievements)
Lorde has won 29 awards in her whole life she has achievements something no other New Zealand has .

Conclusion (future)
She has a great future because she lists goals such as to play festivals such as Glastonbury Coachella.   

week 5 blog post .```

In the moning it was my Birthday .My Birthday was on may the 11th  so it has already been past. The cake what I got for my birthday was pavilova. I got my phone from uncle and aunty .when i got my phone  my mum said that i was aloud same games and the games i got was ice age and a running game .

week 10 Blog post

Once upon a time there was a little boy in the wild with mean creachis . He was so angry that he pot a frog on his head but then he was so angry that he didn't notice that there was a muncy behind him and stole his hate frog . But then he stole it and ran away with it. Then the muncy ran up a tree saying anana. Then the little boy fall over and the muncy gast left  and left and left . But then a big big muncy  stell him . When the little boy was looking around and around but he found nothing .But then he wasn't looking behind him . Green googly eyes your  behind him .Then he turned around and he saw a big purple lisid behind him .Then the lizard spat the little monkey out of his mouth with the frog him tick from the little boy.But then the lizard turned green and pick up the frog for the boy .When the little boy grabbed the frog then the lizard acted like a bog but not potting its taing when the boy moved the lizard got skead and stopped .Then the  boy wanted to touch it eye but when he touched its eye it trend orange and then green again it was really weird gradient the boy and hop him on his back  Before it went of it trend orange and went fast when he was running he pot his taing out and graddit a parit and gave it to the boy then it ran off agen.Then he gasped giving animals to the boy this is the animals he gave her is a parrot ,koala,aligata

week 1 Blog post

what I did on My school Holidays

One day I was going for a sleep over at my aunts and uncle. before I went I went i packed my stuff that I needed for one night and the staff I picked was two pees of pants, three pees of underpants and  two pees of tops . Retry to go now dad OK I am gust getting ready now we are at my aunts and uncle house now  wheres aunt y am she is gust going to pick up her hose for you to ride on it yuppie can I ride when it comes stat away no you cant because we have to still her down now Monica the stampede time to go OK i will just go and pack my staff  .Before  I got ready to go we qickley played and game of  raggedy  go go go go go !!! I want the magpies to win pleas magpies win .no!!! you let me done I wanted  you to win but  you to win time to go now Monica OK . time to go to bed now uncle can I pleas play on my tad lit