Saturday, July 29, 2017

netball skills

Netball skills
Shooting a goal
So how you shot a goal is you your need you niece bent and you need you  hands behind your back.  When you have dame that you need to make show your hand  flick the goal because that is most important thing you need to do. This is a video to show how to do .

Chest pass
How to do a chest pass .  chest pass is simple all you need to do is pot the ball by your chest and then posh really hard so it hits the wall and comes back and so if you want to  o i like this one aloud .

Long pass
Long pass is just like the same as chess pass but you just don't posh that hard or also you will be doing the chess this is so so fun when you.

High pass
How to do height past. high pass pretty skimpily achingly really sim pill.

Bounce pass
how to do Bounce pass is you need to pot your hands on your chest and then posh it down to the flow that means after you have done that it shod come start back.

By Monica

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