Saturday, July 29, 2017

week 1 Blog post

what I did on My school Holidays

One day I was going for a sleep over at my aunts and uncle. before I went I went i packed my stuff that I needed for one night and the staff I picked was two pees of pants, three pees of underpants and  two pees of tops . Retry to go now dad OK I am gust getting ready now we are at my aunts and uncle house now  wheres aunt y am she is gust going to pick up her hose for you to ride on it yuppie can I ride when it comes stat away no you cant because we have to still her down now Monica the stampede time to go OK i will just go and pack my staff  .Before  I got ready to go we qickley played and game of  raggedy  go go go go go !!! I want the magpies to win pleas magpies win .no!!! you let me done I wanted  you to win but  you to win time to go now Monica OK . time to go to bed now uncle can I pleas play on my tad lit  

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