Saturday, July 29, 2017

about me blog post

Hi and welcome back to my blog you now how I said I have a dog called Watercress and this I her  dog  so if you don't now what I was talking about it is on my blog and it is called about me . Just to say the name of my dog was from a story but not aloud story 

story time
so one day when me kaya nanny and my Gran dad   and me were going to the market and we were going the get some watercress for some bolat that we were going to have for dinner and than well we were looking  around or watercress we came across some cute dog and than when me and kaya saw them  we ran to Gran dad and nanny and asked them an than they said OK and than they went half on the dog . that is all 

Here is a photo of Watercress  

He is half fox-terrier and the other half is a mystery.   

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