Tuesday, May 24, 2016

My 2 learning blog post

Happy poem
It’s better than popcorn ,
Better than a banana,
Staying up late getting up late

It’s better than playing on the playground ‘
Better than going away ,
Frightening my sister with a spider

It’s better than having friend over for the night ,
Better than ice cream and lollies to eat
It’s better than than racing the dog

It’s better than going to the park .
Better than The Simpsons, watching a show every day
Better than watching your t.v show all the time

I made new friends with people,  like my friends .

This is my Happy Poem. I am sharing it because I am proud of my work. I like the ideas that I thought of.

Friday, May 6, 2016


I am proud of this because I did heaps of work and it's all about my family

I picked it because you can learn about me.

Sporty,  nice, funny.
Sister of Jamie, Jaime and Sophie and Dylan and Jesse.
Daughter of Shane ,Lara, Lisa and Jamie.
Lover of netball, swimming and  animals.
Who fears night,  needles and bees.
Who needs to have animals , family and love.
Who wishes for being the queen, I wish  My Mum and Dad got together, $100000000000000000000000
and never get tired
Who would like to see a peacock.
Who gives learning to kids, sister time,  my time up for you.
Citizen of Hastings, New Zealand