Saturday, July 29, 2017

blog post week 1

 Hi guys I am going to tell you about the Zootopia movie. In the holidays me, my sister and my step mum went to the movies and watched ZOOTOPIA and it was a good movie.


I will tell you more about Zootopia underneath 

Zootopia is a funny movie to watch. It's about sad things and skewer things so it mosey sands like the the move inside out.  But in most of them it mack you light .  The bit I liked the most was the end . The things that I don't rely like was when it sheep said you the bit when the lam said I'm not friends with you any more .  At the end of the move there was a famines person that was singing and well she was singing I was dancing . 

This is the frames sing that was sing on the stag or x factor 

This is gizel she is so pretty and amazing cool I now that is not a word but I just say It because she is pretty.


 this is so so so so cool This is my first time having a bag that is for a pleas I cant believe that I got the uniform as well. Wow  Wow look I have a pleas bag this so cool for me maybe for you but more for me .  

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