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I am blogging this because...I think I did a good job

We were learning to...about lorde and what she is and what she does. We were also learning to write to inform the reader

Lorde Report

My writing goal: is to pot more detail in my writing .

Who is she?
Ella Yelich-O’connor is her rail name and lorde is her stage name.  Lorde has 2 sisters and on Brother. Her sisters are Jerry and India and her brother’s name is Angelo.  Lorde was born in november the 7th . She has a luxuriously deep voice when she sings . Lorde has unwavering blue eye, she is a songwriter, her she has a messy mop.

Early life
Lorde joined a drama group and begin to fall in love with public speaking. There was no book that Lorde isn't aloud to read. She loves reading books and Lorde was raised in Devonport, Auckland. Royals written was in a week during the school holidays.

Rise to fame
Lorde’s name came from her love of royalty. She is a songwriter who writes her own songs and music. Royals was witter in a week during the school holidays.

International Fame (awards, achievements)
Lorde has won 29 awards in her whole life she has achievements something no other New Zealand has .

Conclusion (future)
She has a great future because she lists goals such as to play festivals such as Glastonbury Coachella.   

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