Saturday, July 29, 2017

week 10 Blog post

Once upon a time there was a little boy in the wild with mean creachis . He was so angry that he pot a frog on his head but then he was so angry that he didn't notice that there was a muncy behind him and stole his hate frog . But then he stole it and ran away with it. Then the muncy ran up a tree saying anana. Then the little boy fall over and the muncy gast left  and left and left . But then a big big muncy  stell him . When the little boy was looking around and around but he found nothing .But then he wasn't looking behind him . Green googly eyes your  behind him .Then he turned around and he saw a big purple lisid behind him .Then the lizard spat the little monkey out of his mouth with the frog him tick from the little boy.But then the lizard turned green and pick up the frog for the boy .When the little boy grabbed the frog then the lizard acted like a bog but not potting its taing when the boy moved the lizard got skead and stopped .Then the  boy wanted to touch it eye but when he touched its eye it trend orange and then green again it was really weird gradient the boy and hop him on his back  Before it went of it trend orange and went fast when he was running he pot his taing out and graddit a parit and gave it to the boy then it ran off agen.Then he gasped giving animals to the boy this is the animals he gave her is a parrot ,koala,aligata

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