Monday, November 21, 2016

blog post

This is my writing plan that I started doing .
I am proud of it because it took a while and it soon made my writing Amazing.
I am learning about how to write a narrative.


Main Character:

Little candy
Other Characters:
Little star

Bad boy


Problem: bad boy burned everything that looks pretty
The bad boy goes nice again because little star and little candy they make him see the goodness in staff look pretty.
The lovely little bots gliding in the water smoothly
All the pretty pink and red flowers .

The nice sun set simerring in the sky and the nice blue water shining and sparkling in the water.

Personality / Actions:

she is a girl that finds out amazing staff.  She is 5 and she has powers
Personality / Actions:

she is also a little girl that finds amazing staff  She is 6.she  have powers

he try to destroy all the stuff that are beautiful he is little and he is 7 she  has powers

she is the of little star and little candy.  She is 34 years old. she have powers

Bad boy takes there powers away for there
But they fight back to get there power back
Ending: bad boy becomes nice again and and it is happily ever after


  1. wow Monica! That was really interesting and I enjoyed reading it. Keep up the good work:)

  2. that is amazing Monica I can't wait to here more